July 02, 2019

Hemp News From Massachusetts – Action Needed

UPDATE FROM MASSACHUSETTS: As we reported a few weeks ago, the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources issued a statement that CBD could not be sold as a food additive or dietary supplement. The Department of Public Health echoed this as they issued guidance that said CBD could not be added to foods. In response, State Representative Mark Cusack introduced a new bill, HD 4339, a bill that would both expand the state’s hemp growing program, and clarify that hemp-derived CBD products could be sold at retail in Massachusetts. In fact, Rep. Cusack’s bill largely reflects the important concepts contained in the Roundtable’s Model State Bill, providing some of the strongest hemp and CBD protections in the country.

With the passage of the 2018 U.S. Farm Bill, Congress lifted all restrictions on industrial hemp cultivation and product sales and you can help Massachusetts do the same on the state level. Use our online portal today to urge your state legislators to co-sponsor HD 4339.