September 01, 2023

Urgent Action Needed in CA, New Rules in FL & Update in NC

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URGENT call to California Hemp Supporters:  There’s a concerted effort afoot to eliminate the broad spectrum and full spectrum hemp and CBD extract market in California, and we need your immediate help to stop it.

Longtime hemp champion State Assemblywoman Cecilia Aguiar-Curry has introduced AB 420 as an effort to clean up provisions in the current hemp law and crack down on bad actors in the space. Unfortunately, marijuana monopolists in the state are trying to use this vehicle to impose draconian THC limits on hemp and CBD products which would eliminate the broad and full spectrum hemp marketplace. The California Department of Public Health just joined the fray, offering a poison pill amendment that would set the limit for total THC in hemp at an infinitesimal 0.001 mg/g.

We encourage California Hemp Supporters to immediately contact Assemblywoman Aguiar-Curry and urge her to block efforts to impose draconian THC milligram caps on hemp products. Please use our State Action Center to share your message, and we ask that you provide personal stories on what such limits would do to your farm, business, livelihood or personal wellness. If you live outside of the Golden State, please share this action item with your friends, associates and social media contacts in California. Time is of the essence, as the legislature will resume taking action after the Labor Day holiday.


The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services recently published its new rule implementing SB 1676—the law enacted earlier this year that creates label and container requirements for hemp extracts and limits ingestible and inhalable hemp extract products to persons 21 or older. Stakeholders convened at a workshop last week to share feedback about the new rule. While supporters agree with SB 1676’s overall goal to keep intoxicating products out of the hands of children, they expressed concerns about the ways in which the new rule exceeds SB 1676’s original intent.

We have deep concerns about the rule’s prohibition against using color additives in consumable hemp extract products. This is more restrictive than Florida’s medical marijuana regulations, and would make Florida the first and only state in the nation to prohibit color additives in finished hemp products. In addition, the prohibition against color additives will increase costs for manufacturers and sellers and will threaten existing product.

We strongly recommend that the new rule allow the use of bright primary and secondary colors, pink, blue, and novel shapes for packaging, labeling, and marketing purposes, which is currently prohibited. Even with these colors and shapes allowed, there is adequate protection in the new rule to address packaging, labeling, and marketing that may appeal to children.

We encourage Florida Hemp Supporters and industry stakeholders to review the rule and submit your comments using the button below.

North Carolina

In North Carolina, a committee substitute greatly improves H563. Instead of 75 milligrams, in the aggregate, the bill now allows ingestible products to be sold in a serving up to 200 milligrams of hemp-derived cannabinoids, including up to 10 milligrams, in the aggregate, of delta-9, delta-7, delta-8, or delta-10 THC. Additionally, the bill replaces the original version’s 21-or-older age requirement with an 18-or-older age requirement.

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