Urgent Call to Action in California

We need your help – and the help of your friends – in California.

Last year, in response to unjustified enforcement actions being taken against the sale of hemp CBD products in California, legislation was filed to explicitly permit the retail sale of CBD in food, beverages and dietary supplements. After nearly unanimous support among legislators, the bill suddenly died at the end of session. Read more about the journey here.

Some good news – the effort has been renewed, and hopes are high that we can secure passage this summer.

But we need your help. And we need the help of your friends and social media contacts.

We have just seven weeks to bring it across the finish line.

We urge you to reach out TODAY to Governor Gavin Newsom and state legislators to support this important effort.

As always, our State Action Center makes it easy.

If you live or do business in California, please click here to use our portal. When you enter your zip code, our State Action Center will automatically populate messages to the Governor and your specific state legislators (even if you don’t know who they are!) to encourage them to support making hemp CBD explicitly legal in California.

If you do not live in California, but care about the future of hemp and CBD – especially given California’s outsized role in national public policy – please share this link with your social media contacts and by emailing your California friends.

Together, we can win for hemp and CBD in California – and send a powerful message to the rest of the country.

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