Help Stop a Ban on Full Spectrum Hemp

PASSED December 31, 2024

This campaign is currently paused. The legislature did not pass this bill with this language, but we expect future movement in 2024. We will be in touch as this develops. In the meantime, you can read the previous update. Be aware that there is no currently active campaign, but there will be one when it is necessary. 


Not too long after we swiftly launched our red alert campaign opposing this legislation, we received word from our Ohio-based lobbyists that the state legislature would not be passing any form of a marijuana regulation bill. This includes the substitute bill passed by the Senate, which contained regulatory language that would have banned most full-spectrum hemp products from retail sale in the state. Both chambers are scheduled to be out for the remainder of the year, which means there’s more time to ensure the legislature considers and addresses our concerns. 

One thing is for sure, Ohio Hemp Supporters were heard! Thanks to the 1,300+ messages sent through our State Action Center, all the dedicated calls and emails, plus those of you who engaged your contacts, the legislature did not feel comfortable fast-tracking this legislative package. Of course, we will alert you if any attempt is made to add delta-8 THC-related language into future pieces of legislation.

Now, we are discussing next steps, as Governor DeWine will not set this aside indefinitely and the lack of regulations for delta-8 THC products is a concern for many legislators. We need to continue to hear from Ohio-based hemp producers, retailers and consumers that would be negatively impacted by such regulation. 

We will also continue to urge the legislature to meet with hemp industry leaders to develop a strategy that addresses their concerns about consumer safety in a manner that protects farmers, looking to Kentucky’s regulation of delta-8 THC products, where intoxication benchmarks are based on science, and where potentially impairing products are not banned, but rather regulated and kept out of the hands of children.

Again, we want to thank everyone who reached out and took action through our campaign and want to share our deepest appreciation for your advocacy!