Help Stop The Criminalization Of Delta-8 THC Products

PASSED December 31, 2023

SB 264 and HB 4238 would prohibit the manufacture, purchase, or sale of a consumable hemp product to which more than 0.3% of any THC other than delta-9 has been applied, which effectively criminalizes delta-8 and similar products. Rather than banning these products outright, the more reasonable approach is strict regulation and limiting delta-8 and similar products to persons 21 or older so that they are kept out of the hands of children.


Please use our State Action Center to urge lawmakers to oppose SB 264 and HB 4238. Our technology makes it super easy. Once you input your zip code, the appropriate email or state petition will populate—with your legislators’ office already identified and an editable message prepared. With a simple click of the button, lawmakers will hear your voice loud and clear.

Even if you aren’t a Texas resident or business, please share this page with your friends, colleagues, customers, and social media contacts in the state. Help us build our Hemp Supporter armies to assist us in these battles, which have a national impact.