June 16, 2020

Help us get Hemp & CBD to the Finish Line in Iowa

Help us get Hemp & CBD to the Finish Line in Iowa

As we’ve previously reported, Iowa has long been challenging for hemp and CBD. The Hawkeye State legalized hemp last year, but the Governor and Attorney General issued very negative statements at that time about the legality of hemp-derived CBD products.

Recent days have brought some good news: The Iowa House and Senate have now passed HF 2581, which explicitly allows the retail sale of consumable hemp and hemp CBD products.

There are several very positive aspects of the bill. First and foremost, the bill legalizes the sale of hemp and CBD as a food, food additive, and dietary supplement. Second, consumable products manufactured outside Iowa may be imported and sold in Iowa, so long as the products are manufactured in compliance with federal law. Third, with respect to testing, the bill refers to delta-9 THC concentration, not “total THC” which has been a problem in other states.

Most importantly, if signed into law, HF 2581 will halt the negative enforcement actions against ingestible CBD products in Iowa which have resulted from the Governor and Attorney General’s guidance.

As with any piece of legislation, this one’s not perfect: Registration requirements could provide burdensome, and we will be seeking more clarity on USDA’s role in the process.

But in all, it’s a good bill, and its signing would be a significant win for the hemp industry.

We need your support in getting HF 2581 signed into law. Iowa Hemp Supporters are encouraged to use our State Action Center to urge Governor Reynolds to sign HF 2581.