September 27, 2023

Senate Finance Committee Passes SAFE(R) Banking — Contact Your Senators Today!

We are thrilled to announce that S.2860, the SAFE(R) Banking Act (formerly the SAFE Banking Act), has passed out of the Senate Finance Committee by a bipartisan 14-9 vote and will now head to the Senate floor!  

This is a momentous occasion, marking the very first time the Senate has taken action on this legislation. It’s a significant step forward since the bill was passed by the U.S. House on seven separate occasions since its introduction, only to stall in the Senate.  

Just last week, we reached out to you, our dedicated Hemp Supporters, with the news that the bill was scheduled for a committee markup. We asked for your support through our Federal Action Center, and your response has been incredible. 

Let’s harness this momentum to ensure that this crucial bill finally crosses the finish line! 

Your voice holds immense power, and our Senators pay close attention when they hear from their constituents. We kindly request you to spare just a moment of your time to send a prewritten message to your U.S. Senator, encouraging them to cast a YES vote for S.2860, the SAFE(R) Banking Act.

Your advocacy makes a difference, and together, we can help shape the future of the hemp industry. We deeply appreciate your continued support!

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