Help Stop a Potential Hemp Ban in Ohio

PASSED April 30, 2024

After our highly successful efforts in December to block a full-spectrum hemp ban in Ohio, anti-hemp forces are back at it in the Buckeye State. Draft legislation is circulating that would force all hemp extract products with more than 0.5 mg THC/serving and 2.0 mg THC/package out of retail markets and limit them to purchase in the monopoly marijuana dispensary system. This would devastate Ohio hemp farmers as well as small retailers, many of whom come from disadvantaged communities.

We can’t let this stand. And it is time for Hemp Supporters to act.

Please use our online portal TODAY to send all Ohio state legislators a simple message:

  1. Federally legal hemp products should continue to be made available in retail stores, NOT restricted to marijuana dispensaries.
  2. Non-intoxicating hemp products, like CBD, should be treated like dietary supplements and food additives, with similar safety and labeling regulations.
  3. Hemp products that potentially impair consumers, like delta-8 THC or delta-9 THC, should be sold with similar safety regulations, but only to adults, with retailers using the same 21 and over precautions they use for alcohol and tobacco sales.

We’ve sent our message to a leading state Senator – review here – encouraging Ohio to look south to Kentucky for a great example of a bi-partisan regulatory regime, in which farmers and retailers can be supported, while minors can be protected.

Now it’s your turn. If you are from Ohio, please use the button below to send a personalized message to your state legislators. If you hail from outside the state, please share this link with your friends, customers and social media contacts in Ohio.