March 25, 2024

New Bills in HI, IA, MA, NE & Update in SD

Check out the latest legislative updates across the states and take action today!


In Iowa, SF 2417 would impose a 25% tax on consumable hemp products sold by bars and restaurants. This excessive new tax will significantly increase costs for hemp businesses that are likely to be passed on to consumers.

Iowa Hemp Supporters are encouraged to urge lawmakers to oppose the bill.


In Hawaii, companion bills HB 2449/SB 3138 would clarify that the term “manufactured hemp product” includes beverages and edibles, products that were inadvertently omitted under a previous law’s definition.

We encourage Hawaii Hemp Supporters to use our State Action Center to urge lawmakers to support the bills.


Massachusetts SB 2579 directs the department of public health to develop regulations for the manufacturing of CBD in food products.


A legislative resolution in Nebraska would establish an interim study for developing regulations over the sale and marketing of hemp products.

South Dakota

Lastly, we have an update from South Dakota, which we previously alerted you to. The Governor has signed HB 1125. The new law prohibits converting CBD into delta-8 THC or similar THC isomers, analogs, or derivatives and prohibits the sale of industrial hemp products that contained chemically derived or modified cannabinoids. Our understanding is the new law will take effect July 1.

Visit our State Action Center to see active campaigns across the country!

Check out the latest hemp and CBD updates from across the states!