March 01, 2024

Bill Updates in Georgia, South Dakota, Virginia, West Virginia & New Bill in Missouri

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West Virginia

On the positive side—thanks to your efforts—West Virginia SB 679 passed the Senate and is headed to the House. After the original bill’s 0.3% restriction for all hemp-derived cannabinoids was removed, the bill now addresses the permitting, labeling, and other administrative requirements that apply to hemp cannabinoid product manufacturers, processors, distributors, and sellers, including out-of-state distributors and sellers.

We encourage Hemp Supporters in West Virginia to use our State Action Center to urge legislators to support the bill.


In Virginia, a House substitute to SB 448 passed both the House and Senate and may be headed to the Governor’s desk soon. The bill would exempt hemp growers, manufacturers, processors, and retailers from certain business license requirements and exclude hemp and hemp products from Virginia’s 12% marijuana tax.

We encourage Virginia Hemp Supporters to use our State Action Center to urge legislators to pass the bill. 


On the negative side, there’s work to do in Georgia. SB 437 is poised for a full floor vote in the Senate, while HB 1127 passed the House and has received its first reading in the Senate. These companion bills would prohibit the sale of consumable hemp products to persons under 21, including non-intoxicating products like CBD.

We encourage Georgia Hemp Supporters to use our State Action Center to urge legislators to oppose SB 437 and HB 1127.

South Dakota

In South Dakota, an amended version of HB 1125 passed both chambers and, in a matter of days, will be on its way to the Governor. The bill would prohibit converting CBD into delta-8 THC or similar THC isomers, analogs, or derivatives and prohibit the sale of industrial hemp products that contained chemically derived or modified cannabinoids.

Hemp Supporters in South Dakota are encouraged to urge the Governor to veto HB 1125.


In addition, there’s a new bill in Missouri worthy of your support. SB 1500 would redefine “commercial feed” to specifically include industrial hemp, which will create economic opportunities for hemp farmers and businesses in the state. 

Hemp Supporters in Missouri are encouraged to use our State Action Center to urge legislators to pass the bill.

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