October 16, 2023

New Regulations In AK and CBD Dosage Recommendations In The UK 

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Effective starting November 3rd, Alaska recently adopted new and amended regulations for industrial hemp and hemp products. The regulations include changes to Alaska’s existing growing, testing, reporting, and retailer registration requirements and fee schedules. But most notably, a new regulation was added that prohibits the regular retail sale of an industrial hemp product that contains any amount of delta-9 THC or any non-naturally occurring cannabinoid, even non-intoxicating products. 

Such products must now be approved by Alaska’s marijuana control board and sold subject to regulations for marijuana cannabis products. According to local news, the changes were championed by marijuana industry interests. The Roundtable will be working with Hemp Supporters on the ground to attempt to redress this troubling development.

In international news…

UK Reverses and Limits CBD Dosage Recommendations 

Last week, The Guardian reported that the United Kingdom’s Food Standards Agency (FSA) and its Scottish counterpart updated their advice on daily recommended dose of CBD based on safety concerns. The surprise reversal suggests healthy adults should limit their intake of CBD from food to 10mg per day, much lower than the 70 mg per day legal limit established in 2020. 

The FSA said there was “no acute safety risk” with consuming more than 10mg of CBD a day based on the data it had assessed. However above this level, and over a period of time, “there is evidence of some adverse impacts on the liver and thyroid.”

The recommendation is only advisory, and regulators are not requesting that any products are taken off shelves.  The Roundtable will be monitoring this closely.

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