October 23, 2023

NEW State Maps NOW Available For HempSupporter+ Subscribers 

Varying state-by-state hemp and CBD laws across the country can be confusing, especially for a brand, retailer or consumer. It can make buying and selling hemp products complicated, leaving both merchants and consumers considerably overwhelmed.

We are excited to announce that HempSupporter+ subscribers NOW have access to two NEW resources: 50-State Survey Maps portraying the current laws and regulations for (1) Retail Sales of Hemp-Derived CBD and (2) Retail Sales of Delta-8 THC. The maps are available in all user dashboardsYou must have an account to view or download.

These maps are derived from a comprehensive survey accessible only to Roundtable Members which provides a very detailed overview of all the current laws and regulations state-by-state. See how you can gain access to the more comprehensive survey, and grab a seat at the (Round)table here

Learn more below!

Retail Sales of Hemp-Derived CBD Survey Map

Learn about the current status of hemp-derived CBD products sales in each state. Indicates if the state — 

  • permits hemp/CBD in ingestible products 
  • permits hemp/CBD in some ingestible products, not others
  • law is unclear, but state agencies have proclaimed ban on sales of all ingestibles
  • permits sale of hemp/CBD, but no mention or regulation of ingestible products
  • law and agencies have been silent on the sale of hemp/CBD products
  • law addresses CBD use in pet products

Retail Sales of Delta-8 THC Survey Map

Learn about the current status of hemp-derived delta-8 THC products sales in each state. Indicates if the state — 

  • permits the sale of delta-8 THC as a hemp product, but restrictions may apply, such as age restrictions
  • permits the sale of delta-8 THC in adult-use cannabis or regulated marijuana markets
  • may or may not permit the sale of delta-8 THC, but state agencies or law enforcement have proclaimed delta-8 THC to be illegal
  • prohibits the manufacture or sale of delta-8 THC
  • status of delta-8 THC is unclear

TOMORROW! October 24th at 1:00 PM ET, U.S. Hemp Roundtable Regulatory Counsel, Nolan Jackson, will be hosting a webinar to cover the maps and share a detailed “the state of the states” update with HempSupporter+ subscribers. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask specific questions about the maps, state laws or legislation, advocacy efforts and more. 

If you already have a HempSupporter+ or member account, the webinar link is now available in your member dashboard and we will be emailing it out just prior to the event! There’s no need to register. You will also receive a calendar invite with the information. 

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HempSupporter+ subscribers had the opportunity to tune into an exclusive webinar with U.S. Hemp Roundtable General Counsel, Jonathan Miller, on August 1st following his experience testifying during a historic Congressional hearing on hemp and CBD. All HempSupporter+ subscribers and Roundtable members have access to the webinar recording here.

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