September 06, 2023

Big Battle Victory in California…But the War is not Over

Urgent Call to Action in California

Last week, we shared an urgent call to action asking California Hemp Supporters to help block efforts to eliminate the broad and full spectrum hemp and CBD extract market in California. Thanks to stakeholders, consumers and advocates across the state, today we declare victory! 

We are thrilled to announce that AB 420, the bill that was going to be used to impose an excessively stringent milligram cap of .001 on THC in hemp CBD products, is dead for this legislative session. California legislators listened to you!

Unfortunately, the war is not over. A milligram cap will likely be proposed legislatively in the new year. Further, the Department of Public Health has shown its hand by disclosing its desire to impose a .001 milligram cap.  It is possible the department will employ its existing regulatory authority to impose a cap unilaterally. The good news is that rulemaking in California is a very lengthy and public process, which will afford us considerable opportunity to engage.

With only 9 days before the end of the legislative session this year, it is highly unlikely they can jam a cap into a bill this year. However, we will remain vigilant to ensure that something does not sneak into legislation before September 14 and will let you know immediately if something harmful surfaces at the last minute.

We appreciate all the Hemp Supporters that utilized our State Action Center to advocate against this legislation, and to our rockstar lobbyist, Rand Martin, who worked tirelessly behind the scenes on behalf of us. We’ll continue to monitor California and other states where monopolistic marijuana interests may impede on the hemp industry. 

Stand by to enlist in future battles! 

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