February 20, 2024

URGENT – Red Alert in Florida – Florida Hemp Legislation Threatens Industry Survival – Take Action Now!

Last week, the Florida State Senate unanimously passed legislation that could deal a devastating blow to hemp farmers and small businesses statewide. We’re putting out an urgent call to Florida Hemp Supporters to use our State Action Center to ask their lawmakers to support fair regulations for hemp in the state. With a simple click of a button, lawmakers will hear your voice loud and clear.

Senate Bill 1698 and its House counterpart HB 1613 would impose a blanket ban on delta-8 THC and unnecessarily burdensome and restrictive serving and packaging limits on non-intoxicating full-spectrum CBD products. As detailed in this investigative piece by Florida Phoenix journalist, Mitch Perry, thousands of consumers who depend on hemp products for their health and wellness would be imperiled. Meanwhile, Florida’s hemp industry – and small retail businesses, many from disadvantaged communities — face an existential threat, with over 104,000 workers and $10 billion in annual sales at stake, as underscored by Whitney Economics’ analysis.

The influential “Sun Burn” Florida Politics blamed nefarious forces; monopolists using anti-competitive strategies to crush the hemp industry. By pulling the strings of lawmakers, they seek to consolidate their stranglehold on the cannabis market, leaving hemp farmers and businesses at their mercy.

But if we can make enough noise – and send enough clear messages to Florida lawmakers, we can make a difference. Please join us in urging your legislators to oppose these bills and replace them with the model found in Kentucky: Let’s provide appropriate safeguards for all hemp products to promote health, safety and transparency, and for products that have the potential to impair, provide strict regulation to ensure that they don’t get in the hands of children, including meaningful age-gating, child-proof packaging, and a crackdown on marketing to minors.

Call to Action:

  1. Take Immediate Action: If you live or own a business in Florida, use our State Action Center to send a letter to your state legislators voicing your opposition to SB 1698 and HB 1613. Every message sent is a vital step in safeguarding Florida’s hemp industry. Our technology makes it super easy. Once you input your zip code, the appropriate email will populate with your legislators’ office already identified and an editable message prepared.
  2. Spread the Word: Share this urgent alert with your network, amplifying awareness of the impending threat to Florida’s hemp sector.
  3. Monitor the Proceedings: Use this link to watch a crucial committee hearing today at 1 PM ET.

Together, we can fight to stop this damaging legislation!

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